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Our Most Common Ticket Buyers Questions

Q: If I need help as a ticket buyer who do I contact?
A: You should contact the event organizer directly for anything relating to the event, if you have any questions about the website then send us an email at


Q: During purchase the website got stuck, what do I do next?
A: If during purchase, especially at the moment of the payment processing, the website seems to get stuck we suggest waiting for about 5 minutes and if it is still stuck then contact us by emailing


Q: I bought tickets but I have not received them, who do I contact?
A: This happens sometimes if you accidentally mistype your email address or they might have gone into your spam folder. Try our Ticket Finder Service which can re-send your tickets and also allow you to update your email address if you mistyped it the first time. If you are still unable to find your tickets, you should contact the event organizer using the contact details on the event booking page.


Q: I bought Refund Protection, what do I do to make a claim?
A: If you have bought Refund Protection, and you are eligible to make a claim as per their terms and conditions, then follow the instructions that were sent with your ticket or contact Booking Protect via email:


Q: I bought my tickets accidentally, how do I cancel them?
A: If you bought the tickets accidentally you need to contact the event organizer immediately so that they can deal with the cancellation.


Q: How do I get a refund?
A: If you need a refund you need to contact the event organizer as they are responsible for all refunds.


Q: I have a charge on my account that I do not recognize. How can I find out what it is for?
A: Bookitbee handle bookings for events, conferences, festivals and classes. You may recognize our mascot, Buzzy, from when you purchased tickets recently. We would have emailed a booking confirmation to you, so try searching your email for “”. If you are sure you did not purchase tickets through us, please email us at to report it to us. We will check our records and respond to you within 2 working days.


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