Totally Free Ticketing!

We believe ticketing should be FREE

Bee Free Account

At Bookitbee we believe ticketing should be FREE - we don’t charge any fees for using our system.

All you need to do is:

  1. Sign-up (that’s free)
  2. Set-up your event through the organiser admin (also free)
  3. Connect your Stripe or Paypal account
  4. Promote your event - we’ll promote for you as well (that’s free too)
  5. Check-in or sell tickets to your attendees on the day (yup, you guessed it - free)

Bookitbee Premium

Bookitbee Premium is an upgrade to your Bookitbee Account that has the following benefits:

All the features of the Bee Free account plus:

How much does Bookitbee Premium cost?

2% + 0.75USD/0.95CAD per ticket

(still cheaper than the market leader - and nicer people!)

The Bee Free ethos

Technology now allows people to get together to celebrate their lives and lifestyle values in a way that has never been seen before. At Bookitbee we believe in the fundamental decency of human beings and that getting together breaks down barriers and enhances our lives and humanity. 

The majority of our customers don’t need our support and the features that we offer for free are more than sufficient for them to host their event.


Get started

It’s quick, easy and free to use Bookitbee. Nearly all customers who switched to Bookitbee preffered it to our competitors. Try it now - Ticketing Set Free!