Refund Protection

Bookitbee offers a Refund Protection service to people purchasing tickets to your event. These services are provided by Bookitbee and its Partners and are designed to offer your ticket buyers benefits to the ticket buying experience.

This service protects a ticket buyer’s booking at an additional cost, in order to get a full refund of the purchase price should anyone in the party be unable to attend your event through:

This cost is added to the booking price and automatically taken out as an addition to the Bookitbee fees from your Stripe, PayPal and Bookitbee Card Services. Refund protection is not your responsibility, you are not liable for refunds that are applied for via Refund Protection and any refunds are not taken from the event revenues.

The refund protection is non-refundable and should not be refunded when making a refund by the organizer. This is done automatically if the event organizer is using Stripe or Bookitbee card services but has to be done manually if using PayPal. You can see the amount of Refund Protection purchased in the individual booking in your Bookitbee Admin.

The feedback we have received from ticket buyers has been extremely positive due to them having protection in the event of circumstances that are not covered by event organizers.

If you still feel that this is not something that you would like for your ticket buyers, you can disable this feature from your My account > Account settings page (Bookitbee Premium users only).



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