Bookitbee features

Our features are developed to make your life easier

What is Bookitbee

Bookitbee is an easy self service online ticketing platform that allows you to sell tickets or take bookings to your events or classes.

Some of our features

Sell Tickets to Any Type of Event

You can set up any kind of ticket from concerts to classes. The tickets are sent via email and can be printed out from the attached PDF.

Allocated Seating (Premium Feature)

For venues, theaters and stadiums, Bookitbee’s allocated seating system allows your customers to select seats easily. Works great on mobiles and tablets.

Mobile Ready

Bookitbee booking pages work on mobile and tablet devices as well as desktops and laptops.

Merchandise and Add-Ons (Premium Feature)

Sell merchandise, add-ons and up-sell other events as part of the ticket purchase process.

Search Engine Friendly Pages and URLs

URLs in Bookitbee are search engine friendly (as are all the pages) so that your event can be found easily through search engines.

Social Sharing and Promotion

Bookitbee allows for simple social sharing, your ticket buyers can easily share their attendance with friends and promote your event.

Promotional Codes and Special Offers

Use promotional and discount codes for marketing campaigns or selected ticket buyers.

Multiple Payment Methods

You can receive funds within 7 days using Stripe (fully integrated with Bookitbee) or use PayPal.

Multiple Currencies

You can sell tickets in all the major currencies.

Check-in Services

The Bookitbee Box Office web app allows you to scan tickets and check in customers easily. QR codes can be scanned by any device with any QR scanning app.

Information Pages

Add extra information for your event on extra pages. Now your customers don't need to go somewhere else to find further information like menus and agendas.

Great Support

Bookitbee has an extensive user guide, user forum and for our Premium customers a friendly support team to help you set up your event.

Free Setup

It is absolutely FREE to set-up an event on Bookitbee and totally FREE to use. If you upgrade for Premium Features then you pay a small fee per ticket.

Flexible Ticketing

There are many options that you can add to your ticket purchasing process making it perfect for every event. Bookitbee makes event management simple.

Simple To Use

Bookitbee is simple to use; from setting up an event to making changes and checking-in your customers, but if you need support we are there to help.

Get started

It’s quick, easy and free to use Bookitbee. Nearly all customers who switched to Bookitbee preffered it to our competitors. Try it now - Ticketing Set Free!