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Why You Should be Using Google Analytics

Jan. 23, 2017

If you’re not using Google Analytics on your website, then you are missing out on a lot of growth potential and insight into your visitors.
Google Analytics is a complimentary tool provided by Google for you to track how many visitors come to your site and how they behave whilst they are there.  This free tool can also help you to optimise your site for best results with both search and user experience.

Every time you post a link to your site on any social media channel, or post up a new web page or blog post, it’s important to understand what effect it has with regards to website traffic. Google Analytics makes this possible.

Benefits of Using Google Analytics

Using this multifaceted tool will enable you to gain an excellent understanding of your website visitors. Here’s why you should be using Google Analytics on your site:

  1. It’s free of charge. It’s free and that’s great, in particular because it offers just as much in terms of functionality as the paid website analysis tools.
  2. Discover how your visitors found your website. This is where the magic comes in. You can find out whether visitors typed in your website, or linked to it from another website. You can gain some understanding on which keywords were used to find your website in Google or other search engines and it’s this function that enables you to build on your website search engine optimisation successes.
  3. Discover which pages your web visitors like? Find out which pages are popular and understand whether you’re providing enough links to those pages.
  4. Segmentation analysis. Understand whether your web visitors are new or returning visitors. You can also find out which website they used to reach your site and where they are located in the world.
  5. Test and improve your website. Find out whether you need to rewrite some of your copy or whether you need to make some changes to help your website visitors reach the pages that they like best.

Google Analytics helps you to collect information from Google in addition to traffic information from other search engines. You can then go onto to use this information to improve your website for better results. In addition, if you put up a paid ad on any social media site or directly onto Google Ads, you can gain clarity on whether it’s working for you by bringing you new traffic.

How to Get Started with Google Analytics

If you’re ready to begin installing Google Analytics on your website to gain the benefits of its analytical power, try this page created by SEO authority Moz. Once you’ve got it installed, then visit this page from Kissmetrics, the authority on customers and web analytics, to understand how to get the best from it.

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