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The rise of mobile ticketing

May 8, 2017

The way that we use our mobile has changed over the years. Gone are the days where they are simply a way to call or text our family and friends. Mobile phones are now a vital part of our everyday life.
They offer email, social media, movies and games on the go. They play music, allow us to read the news and are pretty powerful cameras too.  Another development in the world of mobile is mobile purchases, according to Worldpay the number of mobile transactions as a percentage of all in-store transactions has grown by 247% in the UK over the last year.
Mobile ticketing is on the rise, reinventing the way that we book and present tickets.

Booking tickets

Allowing users to actually book tickets on the go is particularly valued in events & travel, where a customer can quickly and easily book a train (or even a flight) all on their mobile.

Doing this really harnesses those impulse bookings, perhaps people who notice that the line-up has changed at a music festival. Or that find themselves in an area last minute and want something to do with their time.

The standard way of booking tickets means that you would need to book them a few days in advance and then print them. With mobile ticketing this is never a problem!

Managing tickets

Once you have booked your tickets the ways that mobile can help doesn’t stop there. Ticket buying systems that are fully mobile can also be used to manage tickets too.  By using a ticketing solution like Bookitbee, clients are able to access their bookings and keep track of them in the run up to the event.

Useful during the event

It isn’t only in the early stages that mobile ticketing can be useful. When the time comes for the actual event having the tickets on their mobile makes the process much easier for your clients. They can present their ticket with ease, never having to worry about printing it, and the security and entry point can run much quicker.

You can also use ticketing software to communicate and connect with those attending the event, syncing with mail chimp or other useful APIs such as sharing photographs and live feeds via social media. You could even use it to offer on the day merchandise discounts and promotions to encourage additional event revenue, ideal for large scale music events that have a high number of attendees.

Event organisers of all types should see whether or not mobile ticketing could work for them. Whether it is making their website responsive so that it can be used on mobiles, or tapping into to a ready made ticketing solution which manages the whole process at a fraction of the cost.

As the world becomes more tech-savvy and mobile, companies need to follow suit, and just one area that this will impact is ticketing and event booking.

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