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Providing medical and first aid cover at events

by Barry Woolven, Managing Director, IPRS Aeromed on Sept. 21, 2017

Organising a successful event takes some serious skills, knowledge and experience. It’s all about good planning and taking sensible precautions. 
Whatever the type or size of your event, making suitable medical, ambulance and first-aid provisions will be a priority.  From the trivial to the life threatening, there is a wide range of traumatic and medical situations that could arise.  

Even the best-equipped onsite facility may need to transfer some patients to hospital, but you’ll want to have the minimal impact on the already stretched local NHS services.  There should always be provision of first-aid at every event, regardless of size. 

For some events there will be a need for just a few first-aiders working from a suitable base. In other cases, several first-aid posts, and ambulances may be required, with staff on-hand with the full skill mix – from first-aiders to medical consultants.

The medical risk assessment should include: • Numbers attending • Audience profile • Activities on site • Location and access • Expected queue time • Distance from definitive care • Duration of the event • Time of year • Venue • Standing/seated • Overnight camping • Specific hazard • Past experience of the event • Local knowledge - it is wise to involve a specialist organsation at this stage to ensure you have covered all aspects.

Your event may only require a first aid post - an area capable of providing first-aid and basic life support.  But if you are a larger event or the duration is over a few days or more you may need to think about a minor injuries/illness unit, a medical centre or even a specialist triage area in order to attend to multiple patients at the same time.  

Every event is unique and the level of medical provision needed to make it safe can only be determined after a comprehensive risk assessment. There are no off the peg solutions.  For examples of of different events and what might be appropriate IPRS Aeromed has a helpful free fact brochure you can download.

IPRS Aeromed are one of the UK's leading medical suppliers of event and travel related medical services.  Providing teams of highly skilled paramedics and EMTs who can provide event medical services and the ideal support base to your first aid and responder trained staff.

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