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5 Easy yet Powerful PR Tips for Start Ups

Dec. 29, 2016

Establishing a strong foundation of PR is essential for all start ups, not matter which niche they are in. However, it’s not always something that they have the manpower or the contacts to put successfully into place. Although they know that getting a buzz is something that can help them with gaining traction with venture capitalists in addition gaining some distance with developing user bases, this critical part of the start-up business lifecycle can sometimes get left out.  

Even if start ups don’t have to have a marketing budget that is bulging, or have the services of a dedicated marketing team, it’s still possible to generate interest from the press. Here are our PR tips for start-ups to get them off the ground:

1.      Determine your target journalists and media

Crafting a pitch that is memorable and packs a punch takes time. Instead of attempting to get the attention of everybody, select the outlets that are your ultimate top choices. Follow these outlets online, get to know them so that you can write something that they’ll accept. Tailor your pitch specifically for the staffer or journalist that you’re interested in. If it’s good enough, it will get to them.

2.      Apply the magic of smart content to help

With so many start ups all vying for media coverage, you’ve got to pull out all the cards. Raise the interest in your piece by including a well-crafted piece of visual content in your package – for example, an infographic. Not only can you tell your story with text, but also with images and get that elusive attention. Your journalists will want to include this in their work. Another approach is to add an exciting and original video.

3.      Avoid generic content

Copy and paste can be spotted by editors and journalists from a distance. If your approach to them includes copy and paste, then it’s quite likely that it will end up in the trash bin of their email. Now is the time to tailor and personalise your approach to them to get noticed. The authentic and genuine approach gains the best response in all marketing including pitches. Don’t be lazy.  Put the effort in and reap the rewards.

4.      Make your pitch newsworthy

Making it newsworthy is well worth the energy. Find a focus for your media outlet to be able to include your company in their articles. It might be that you take an angle that you know their readers are interested in. It might take some creativity but it will be worth it.

5.      Use the Power of Twitter

Twitter makes it possible to have personable conversations with pretty much any journalist. It’s a channel that is used by many as their key communication channel. Your first approach should be to follow them so that you can comment on their posts and they can see your name. Don’t start harassing them. Compliment them on their work and they may recognise your name when you send them your pitch.

By using these tips, you’ll should be able to get some excellent PR for your start up. Let us know how you get on.

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