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Power Up Your Event Promotion with Flyers

Jan. 3, 2017

If you’re organising a special event, it’s critical that you ensure that your target audience are aware of it. There are many ways to address this including the use of digital marketing channels such as social media and emailing. In addition, there are the more traditional approaches such as radio advertising and even putting ads in local newspapers. However, on occasion the flyer can be the most suitable whilst meeting the marketing budget needs and audience reach.  

Here’s why we think flyers can save the day:

1. Effective audience reach

Flyers provide an excellent channel of communication to reach your target market through several approaches:

  • Door to door delivery
  • Insertion in newspapers or other publications
  • Distribution on the street or instore

2. Creativity

A flyer can be either A4 or A5 and there’s plenty of scope for creativity. You can even flow over onto the other side if you need extra space. You might also consider the folded finish option.

3. Something tangible

The fact that it’s possible to hold the flyer in the hand means that it’s tangible. If your flyer is well designed and eye catching, there’s a good chance that it will get read. Make your message clear and easy to read and you should be heading towards success.

4. Incentives

The benefit of a flyer is that you can include gifts such as discount vouchers or coupon codes. This is a way to gain some notice and drum up some business. By offering 20% off for the first 50 people who sign up for your event, you can use the flyer as a loyalty mechanism.

In fact flyers have always been one of the most traditional methods of attracting attention for an event. Although digital marketing may have taken over, they can still play an important part in your promotion plan.

To be successful, the most critical part that you need to know about designing a flyer is that you need to impart all important information. What is the event, where is it, what time is it and how do you get a ticket?

 Although your flyer may look particularly cool, if it doesn’t deliver when it comes to communicating information. Your font and text must be easy to read. Here are points to apply during the design process:

  • Add ticket price, time and date, venue and your website
  • Put the most important information first and most prominent. This will usually mean making it bigger and higher up the page.
  • Add a call to action such as ‘Come along with your friends’, ‘buy your ticket’ or 'Free ticket for group organizer' or whatever it is that you want your reader to do next. Just use one direction, so that it has a more potent punch.
  • Keep ‘on brand’ ie keep the style appropriate to the event. For example, you’d use bunting and vintage fonts for the promotion of a country fayre.
  • Ask at least two people to proof read your flyer before it goes to print. It would be an expensive mistake not to.

When it comes to printing your flyer, use a local printer or an online provider such as Vistaprint.

What are your top tips for event promotion with flyers?

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