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Organizing a Valentines Event

Jan. 16, 2017

Is your Valentines event the stand out event of the entire year? It’s not only a time to be decadent and bring some luxury to the ‘party’, but it’s a time when you can showcase all your creativity in terms of what flavour the event is.  
Let’s look at a few ideas for organising your Valentines event:

Couples vs Singles

Your first decision is whether to go for the established couples theme or whether to give the singles some fun and the chance to meet some potentially great matches. If you do go with the singles, know that the more you can encourage interaction, the better it will go. How about bringing some games into the mix to encourage a bit of mingling. Your goal is to get them dancing and talking.


A ball is the most decadent and luxurious of affairs. It’s a time for dressing up and bringing out the red carpet. You can add extras such as some first-class entertainment, a three or four course meal and of course, the essential dancehall. Think welcome drinks, canapes and pink champagne cocktails!

Pop Up Restaurant

How about a dinner that is produced by a sensationally good pop up restaurant?  This idea can be applied either by tagging it onto your event, or it is strong enough to be a stand-alone event. It offers a chance for a romantic meal for two produced by either a local restaurant or one that you feel will have the appeal to draw in the crowds. If you want to go all the way, make it into more of an experience with limo pick-ups, dinner in an outdoor location and other romantic ideas produced by your team or even by the clients themselves!


How about a romantic Valentine’s party? You might even want to give it a double theme - such as a Valentines beach party, a Caribbean Style Valentines party or a Valentines Murder Mystery party. The choice of flavour is entirely up to you. Whatever you decide upon, you can apply that to the catering and drinks and develop a truly creative and appealing Valentines event package that proves to be utterly irresistible to ticket buyers. Here are some fun party decor additions that are Valentines inspired.

School Dance Fundraiser

Valentines is a great time to host a fundraising event, and what’s better than a school dance? It could be for the pupils or for the parents. Seeing as the event will be about raising funds for new books, or even the school roof, then add some money-making opportunities. How about a silent auction, a dancing competition, a costume competition or even a collection? It’s time to collect as much as possible to meet your goals.

Ticketing systems

Online system to take payments and make the management process simpler – try a site like  Bookitbee to support your ticket sales.

Valentines is such a fun time, what are your plans for this year’s event?

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