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Live Streaming at Your Event

by Beckie Hood on Aug. 23, 2016

New technologies are constantly emerging, which offer new and exciting ways to develop event promotion.  One of these new technologies is live Streaming.

Recent studies show that video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photos. For this reason, many brands are turning to live-streaming as a new tool for marketing. Live streaming allows viewers to see compressed videos over the Internet in real-time; providing fans immediate access to brands and companies, creating more transparency and authentic engagement.

Live-streaming is not only good for large international brands but could also benefit those across the whole event industry. By helping to raise the profile of your own event, whatever its size. To help you decide how you could create your own live streaming content we’ve summarised the different platforms using this feature and the ways that they can be employed for optimum engagement:

Facebook Live

Facebook live is relatively new, yet it’s certainly begun making waves. The service allows users to live stream up to 90 minutes at a time and share it with those on their newsfeed. Think about the best way you can use video to capture your attendees’ attention.  Maybe a sneak preview of the event location or a surprise announcement close to the event to create a buzz, or a live top tip session helping people prepare for the event & increase engagement.

One of the great things about Facebook Live is that it allows viewers to leave comments or ask questions in real time. Q&A’s are a great way to use this platform with viewers being able to post their questions during the session allowing the speaker to answer directly. Don’t worry though, anything rude will be automatically blocked by Facebook.  Viewers can also share your video whilst you’re live, increasing your audience, so try and keep broadcasting long enough to benefit from this.

Once you’ve finished, the video will be automatically posted to your Facebook Event page to watch again later, and you’ll have the option to save the video to your phone to share elsewhere.

YouTube Streaming

There are two ways to begin live streaming with YouTube. You can start with Stream now BETA or Schedule events. You will need to have a YouTube account. YouTube offers online support to guide you through using the platform for streaming. Unlike Facebook live, YouTube offers a test option. You’ll be able to test out the signal on a demo page to find the best spot to set up.


Periscope is another platform which offers a quick and easy two-way stream of information. The platform has seen a huge uptake in events promotion since 2015. It allows for integration with Twitter, so be sure to include the twitter handle of your event in the title. By promoting your replay, users will have access to live stream footage for 24 hours after the original broadcast. Unfortunately, where Periscope falls down is in its analytics. They are rather limited. However, by linking to Twitter you can get a better idea of the level of engagement.

Live streaming is fantastic for building hype and giving your audience sneak previews. Why not show the setup process? Or have your speaker conduct a live chat with the audience?  As well as being a great engagement tool, Live streaming allows those who can’t be there to get a glimpse of the action and potential increase engagement and attendance for your next event. Why not incorporate it in your up and coming event and watch audience engagement levels skyrocket?

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