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How To Use An Effective Event #Hashtag For Your Event

by Siobhan Scott, Marketing Executive for on March 27, 2017

Whether it’s a large-scale music festival or a day-only business conference, there’s no reason why planning an upcoming event should come with unnecessary stress - and with the rise of apps and online services, it couldn’t be easier to drum up interest in advance. From opting for an easy-to- use ticketing platform to generating a buzz on social media ahead of the big day, taking your event online can boost attendance and raise the profile of your efforts from the beginning.

The secret to a triumphant event is encouraging attendees to get involved before, during and after the day - and with the number of social network users across the globe forecast to reach 2.95 billion, combining the latest technology with events is more crucial than ever.

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, the power of social media has made it possible for brands and event organisers to go viral within minutes - and with hashtags typically generating twice as much audience engagement, this powerful social media strategy can contribute to achieving the most lucrative results. A hashtag will be a prominent feature in your music event’s branding, and that’s why today, the branding experts from are sharing a handful of tips for choosing an effective event hashtag.

1. Make it memorable

The success of your hashtag will come from the volume of users endorsing the particular phrase, and that means it’s crucial that you make it memorable. From mistypes to forgetting about the specific tag itself, opting for a hashtag that’s unforgettable and easy to type - and remember - means you can maximise the success of your hashtagging efforts.

2. Keep it relevant

Relevancy is key when it comes to choosing a hashtag, and that’s because this social networking strategy is used to promote the most popular trending topics. Hashtags can quickly raise the overall awareness of an event, which is why they’re often branded specifically to suit the occasion. Whether it’s generate buzz around the location of your business conference and getting music-lovers excited about an upcoming festival, using an attractive hashtag means you can encourage online users to make an appearance at your event.

3. Dare to be different

With so many brands and event organisers heading online to spread the word about their upcoming event, finding a hashtag that’s unique to you will ensure that your efforts are creating publicity purely for your big day. While it may be difficult to find a rarely used tag, creating an online community that’s dedicated solely to your event means that thinking outside of the box will quickly pay off. Opting for a hashtag that’s focused around the brand’s byline or your specific marketing message means you can attract a loyal following, without running into any issues with event competitors online - and once your hashtag picks up momentum, attendees will soon start to follow suit.

4. Stay short and sweet

While audience interaction on Instagram may reach its peak on posts with over 11 hashtags, the different social media channels will no doubt require some variation when it comes to choosing an appropriate hashtag. Twitter has created a trending feature out of which hashtags are the most popular on this platform, and with the 140 character limit, it’s recommended that users stick to one impactful hashtag to keep your message short and sweet. Tweets with fewer hashtag characters will leave users with more space to comment on the event itself, so where possible, opt for shorter options with 8 or less characters.

5. Keep it clear

As if it wasn’t already easy enough to make a mistype on a smartphone, the format of a hashtag can often lead to miscommunication when it comes to shouting about your event. The lack of punctuation and spaces in a hashtag means that creating an easy to decipher hashtag can dramatically increase its effectivity, so try to avoid using lesser-known abbreviations where possible.

Accessing the online community before, during and after an event is crucial for maximising both awareness and the number of attendees - which is why choosing a clear, unique and relevant event hashtag is one of the easiest ways that you can capitalise on your event’s potential.

About the Author : Siobhan Scott, Marketing Executive for The website is part of the long established Simpson Group large format printing company. With over 40 years of experience, we are bringing our expertise in creating successful printed advertising displays for large brands to independent businesses.


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