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How Great Tech Can Make Your Small Festival a Huge Success

by Anna Gibbon and Hannah Bradley, Stage Engage on June 15, 2017

As an event organiser, you want your festival to be a massive hit, no matter the size. Today, festival-goers and performers alike expect the same level of attention to detail and excitement from a small, one-day festival as the full weekend extravaganzas. Organising such an event is a massive feat that you won’t want to undertake on your own. Luckily, having a tech company that’s not only experienced and reliable but dynamic, creative and flexible too can make a huge difference.  Here’s how.

1. Sound

It may sound strange, but the sign of a great sound engineer is that their work throughout the day goes completely unnoticed because everything runs so smoothly. You’ll need a complete sound engineering solution that covers the whole audience area, whilst directing sound in such a way that sound interference between all stages on-site is kept to a minimum, and that the sound doesn't cause disruption to any neighbours outside the festival area. This is particularly important for small festivals, which usually take place on limited sites such as inner city parks.

2. Equipment

In addition to ensuring the sound is perfectly managed and well-directed, your sound engineers can provide top spec. sound systems, high quality, line-array PA systems, as well as the highest quality technical equipment.

A sound company that has experience working to bands’ and DJs’ riders will mean your acts are kept happy, which is great because it means one less worry for you! What's more, when your performers have the specific equipment they’ve requested, they will be able to perform at their very best. Stage Engage, for instance, can provide equipment to fit any rider, including DJ equipment with the latest firmware.

Selecting stages can also be tricky for event planners but any good technician will also help you find the best stage solution for your event. When organising a small festival it can be tempting to go for the option that seems cheapest on the surface. However, trailer stages are certainly something to consider. They may be a little more pricey, but they come in various sizes and you can drive them straight onto site. The “pop-up” style makes them a hassle-free solution.

3. Lighting

This is the fun part. The way you choose to light up your festival can make all the difference and a creative lighting engineer can help you make the most of your budget. If you’re organising a daytime festival, lighting won’t have as much of an impact on the site itself, but there are loads of other ways to make an impression. LED Video walls are a must-have, whether they are used to show live HD feeds of the acts on stage, create moving pixel-mapped light shows, or to display a DJ’s own visual content (now, often an integral part of their act).

For day to night festivals, your engineer can provide visually interesting stage lighting systems that will cover a wide variety of musical genres - both during the daytime and at night. A mixture of LED screens and traditional lighting fixtures will create a diverse looking show. Your engineer will also ensure that the on-site lighting is both ambient and functional as day becomes night, always keeping safety in mind too. A popular choice among event organisers is festoon lighting - using classic strings of light bulbs to illuminate the site, and provide a guide to pathways.

While the work of your festival engineers should go unnoticed, the results of their hard work and creativity will be evident in the great success of your event. Only a specialised music production company will be able to elicit the very best from your acts and make sure the main focus remains on the live music throughout - just as it should.

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