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Partnering with Bloggers who Influence your Audience

Dec. 2, 2016

In our latest series of event marketing tips, we look at how bloggers can help.

Bloggers and social media mavens can do wonders when it comes to accessing your target market to promote your event. In fact, they are so powerful that any event marketing plan would be incomplete without using their power to get seats filled.

These socially savvy influencers will have already have built up a strong following who are watching their every move to find out what the latest buzz is about. Fortunately, it’s also a proven way to secure improved event conversion rates.

Before the internet got to the point where it reached almost every corner of the globe, it was journalists who you had to focus on for publicity. PR personnel were hired as the go between for companies to gain access to journalists, newspapers and even television.

That position has now gone to influential bloggers who have the power to influence and control purchasing behaviour and the reputation of any brand. They know how to bring traffic to your website and followers to your Twitter.

Here’s what you need to do to be enjoy the rewards from this proven marketing channel:

1. Know who your audience is

It’s important to get very clear on what the age, gender, location, interests and wants of your audience are. As you look for bloggers to work with, start by looking at their audience, and ask for a media kit to understand what the demographic is.

2. Gain clarity on your offering

What content do you want to give the blogger to promote your event? How about a video, an interview or even a fascinating infographic? You will also be expected to pay in some way, either a sample of your product, tickets or monetary reward.

3.  Audit Your Current Blogger Relationships

Do any of your current blogger relationships fit the bill for promotion of your latest event? It’s a smart move to keep friendly contact maintained with them even if it’s just the occasional ‘hi’. Also, ask whether they have any blogger friends who could help to promote your event.

Well established bloggers have a lot of buying influence today and need to be courted to provide you with access to it. Here’s how you can gain access to them. Have you seen great success with this marketing channel? What are your tips for promoting events through these crowd influencers? Follow us on Pinterest for more event marketing tips.

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