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Creative Networking Event Venue Ideas

by Rosalind McCarthy on July 3, 2014

A great networking event venue should enhance the networking experience and actually assist attendees in making meaningful connections. Unusual and creative venues entice guests and can often lend themselves to event themes that you can leverage throughout the session to generate talking points within the group. They might not even cost you anything and may be right on your doorstep…..

Here are our top 5 local networking event venue ideas (that aren’t pubs!):


Networking at a brewery what could be more perfect? And a great pull for beer lovers and those wanting to try something new. Organise a beer tasting to break up the evening and ask them to help you food match the canapés to the beers being tried. Make sure there’s something for the ladies – stouts and porters go wonderfully with chocolate!


Doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy – the art department at the local university or college would be great. The exhibits should provide plenty of stimuli for your guests to discuss. Include a talk by a local artist or perhaps a demonstration (maybe not life-drawing though!).

Car Showroom

These are perfect for networking as they are such big open spaces. Organise for a photographer to take shots of your guests in any particularly fancy motors. Ask guests what their first car was prior to the evening and have this on their name badge as a conversation starter.


There’s something special about being in a venue out of hours – you see it in a totally different light. During an evening event at a library, you could feature a guest reading and signing from a local author or what about a silent auction?! (sorry). Canapés could have a literary theme – green eggs & ham anyone?


One of favourite ideas! Guests could have the high school they attended on their name badges along with any memorable report quotes. You could have a GCSE level quiz to break things up at half time and mini versions of school dinners as canapés.

We’d love to hear your venue ideas. Please do leave us a comment...


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