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How-to Event Guides
A How to Guide to Getting Yourself Started at Trade Shows
April 18, 2017

Trade shows allow you to showcase your product or service and raise brand recognition to help increase your sales.

Ticket Sales
How Major Corporations use Predictive Analytics to Boost Ticket Sales
April 3, 2017

Read how some of the top corporations of the world are using big data to increase ticket sales and attendee satisfaction

Event Marketing & Promotion
How To Use An Effective Event #Hashtag For Your Event
March 27, 2017

hashtags typically generate twice as much audience engagement, this powerful social media strategy can contribute to achieving the most lucrative results.

Pre Event Planning
10 Venue Finding Tips for Event Professionals
Feb. 2, 2017

Looking for a venue can be time consuming and frustrating. Here are 10 tips for event professionals to think about when looking to hire a venue.

Pre Event Planning
Why You Should be Using Google Analytics
Jan. 23, 2017

If you’re not using Google Analytics on your website, then you are missing out on a lot of growth potential and insight into your visitors. Learn more here.

Pre Event Planning
Organizing a Valentines Event
Jan. 16, 2017

Fundraiser, Pop up Restaurant, Party - whichever way you go Valentines day gives you the opportunity to get creative with your event planning

Event Industry Trends
How to Run a January Detox Wellness Event
Jan. 10, 2017

January is traditionally known as the month when many people look to detox from the usual festive season over indulgence. How can you apply this idea to your events?

Pre Event Planning
7 Ways to Stay Within Your Event Budget
Jan. 5, 2017

Staying within budget is key to your business success, planning a memorable event for attendees doesn't have to involve lavish expenses

Pre Event Planning
Power Up Your Event Promotion with Flyers
Jan. 3, 2017

Although digital marketing may have taken over, flyers have always been one of the most traditional methods of attracting attention for an event and shouldn't be forgotten

Pre Event Planning
5 Easy yet Powerful PR Tips for Start Ups
Dec. 29, 2016

Even if start ups don’t have bulging marketing budgets, they can still make announcements and generate interest from the press. Follow these tips to help yourself gain cut through

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