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Social Promotion: How to Choose the Best Platforms for Your Next Event
Dec. 3, 2019

Social platforms are only continuing to grow, with a new user signing up to social media every 6.4 seconds. Learn what platform is best for you.

Pre Event Planning
Top Reasons Why a Security Audit Is Critical for Event Planning
Nov. 20, 2019

For the safety of your staff and guests, security planning should take place well in advance of the event.

Event Industry Trends
An Eco-Friendly Guide to Planning Your Next Event
Nov. 1, 2019

Top tips to adopt a greener, sustainable, more planet-friendly approach to events.

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Ticket Sales
What Your Event Marketing Campaigns Tell Customers About Your Brand
July 19, 2019

Taking a closer look at how you can effectively adapt your event marketing campaign to properly reflect your brand

Pre Event Planning
How to Guide; Hot Weather Planning for Events
July 2, 2019

Managing hot weather to ensure your attendees safety is not compromised

Ticket Sales
First time ticketing for growing business’s and events - How to get started!
June 19, 2019

Is it time you started selling tickets online for your event or class to help manage your time better

Pre Event Planning
4 Smart Operational Considerations to Take On Board Before Your Event
June 17, 2019

A look at necessary logistics and operational factors that need to be thoroughly assessed and considered, when planning a large scale event.

Pre Event Planning
Top facts: Why Video is essential for your next event
May 21, 2019

Video can increase engagement, sharing, email click through, search engine optimisation, and ticket sales.

Pre Event Planning
Health and Safety Considerations When Planning an Event
March 28, 2019

Event organisers have a duty of care to both attendees and employees, this article explores those health and safety considerations

Event Industry Trends
5 Ideas To Drive Engagement At Your Event With Gamification
Jan. 15, 2019

Gamification can be a powerful tool, especially for your event engagement. Here are 5 ideas that will help you sky-rocket engagement at your events with the help of gamification.

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